For Guitarists (and other stomp box junkies!) we can build your pedalboard. These can be flightcase, pelicase or softbag housed as required.

Francis Hylton (Incognito) Flying Rig - Cioks PSU/ Tuner/ Line Selector/ Neve RNDI/ Line6 Wireless G50 - with custom cabling - all flightcased.

Francis Hylton (Incognito) Flying Rig - maybe we'll try it through a bigger amp!

Mark Gardener (RIDE) Carry-on 2 tier pedalboard - for flying Solo shows.

Francisco Sales Carry-On Pedalboard.

This solution is for musicians gigging to short haul destinations or locally, where the need for ‘carry on luggage only’ is necessary due to time, budget or logistical constraints.

Francisco Sales pedalboard on the road.

Francisco Sales Carry-On Pedalboard.

Bluey Maunick from Incognito (playing AtelierZ Telecaster through a Roland JC-120). Pedalboard base plate design courtesy of Guitar Sauce, Italy.

Pedalboard Debugging Service

Are you experiencing a weird buzz, noisy pedal, dodgy jack socket or something else which is making your set up unreliable or unusable? If you are not sure where to look, please get in touch & we will bug-out the issues for you.